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Shiva Gajasamhara - Rare Bronze Sculpture

Product Code: MA-0000001 Category: Bronze Statues

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Description: Gajasamhara Murti is one of the fierce forms of Shiva, the Destroyer, shown slaying the...Read more
  • Shiva
  • 3.50 Kgs
  • 11.00 inches
  • 6.50 inches
  • 3.50 inches
  • Bronze
  • India
  • Madhuchishtavidhana

- The statue is created using Madhuchishtavidhana (Lost-Wax-Cast method). Since the wax model of the statue is destroyed within the making process, every statue made with this method is unique. No copy of such pieces can be made ever.

- The green patina on the statue is not natural. It was applied to the piece for aesthetic reasons. You may easily remove it with a brass cleaning agent commercially available. The cleaned statue will however get natural green patina over time due to oxidation.


Gajasamhara Murti is one of the fierce forms of Shiva, the Destroyer, shown slaying the Elephant Demon (Gajasura).

This is an unusual form of Shiva, shown with hair as a halo around. Within the matted and radiating hair He bears a skull, moon and a Dhatura flower.

The protruding fangs from either side of his lips are symbolic of his fierce aspect.

Notice how the statue is built on the backdrop of a flayed elephant. Shiva seems to be wrapping himself with elephant's skin while stepping on the still connected elephant head with one foot.

He has eight arms, two of which he uses to hold the already torn apart skin of Gajasura and sporting his attributes in the rest.

In His six arms, (anticlockwise from Right) he holds a Drum (Damaru), Sword (Khadga), Trident (Trishul), a Skull as a begging bowl (Kapaal), Shield (Kavach) and Snake (Bhujanga).

The dwarfish figures on either side of Shiva, with protruding bellies are two of Shiva's attendants (Gana). They are four armed. Two of which are engaged in drumming for their Lord and the other two are raised in awe.

This statue is a fine example of Chola art.                                

It is indeed rare to find a Gajasamhara Murti Bronze, created with Lost Wax Cast  method which accommodates all details in this small a size.


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