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Saraswati Bronze Statue on Lotus Base

Product Code: MA-0000238 Category: Bronze Statues

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Description: Saraswati is the Goddess of Speech and Learning and consort of Brahma, the one who mani...Read more
  • Saraswati
  • 125.00 Kgs
  • 36.00 inches
  • 27.00 inches
  • 20.00 inches
  • Bronze
  • India
  • Madhuchishtavidhana

- The weight mentioned is approximate as this is a large statue involving much artistic effort and artists didn’t weigh the statue after creation. However the weight is estimated in relation to the size of the sculpture by  their creator artists who are very experienced so the mentioned weight is close to actual.

- This statue is of significant size so it is created hollow. It already weighs much and if it were created solid that would have not only increased the weight of the sculpture unnecessarily but it also would be much cumbersome to move the sculpture.


Saraswati is the Goddess of Speech and Learning and consort of Brahma, the one who manifests the universe.

Goddess Saraswati is the substratum of speech without which any scripture and consequently art is impossible to manifest. She resides in the Vedic mantras and patroness of all types of knowledge, particularly of music.

In this beautiful bronze sculpture of her she is seen four-armed, sitting on a lotus pedestal.

She holds an Akshamala (rosary) in her upper right hand that is indicative of Manana (unbroken reflection) that is crucial to any type of learning and Pustaka (book) in her upper left hand which represents all knowledge.
She plays Vina (lute) with her lower hands, which gave birth to the seven root sounds on which all music is based.

This bronze sculpture could be installed in schools, colleges, libraries or other centres of learning.


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