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Small Copper Idol of Devi Vaishnavi

Product Code: MA-0000228 Category: Copper Statues

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Description: An excellent standing copper statue of Devi in Vaishnavi form.She stands ov...Read more
  • Devi
  • 0.30 Kgs
  • 5.50 inches
  • 2.25 inches
  • 1.50 inches
  • Copper
  • India
  • Madhuchishtavidhana

An excellent standing copper statue of Devi in Vaishnavi form.

She stands over the head of a buffalo, the severed head of Mahishasura (buffalo demon) whom she slew. This is an old statue but the details are well retained including the excellent facial expressions. The crown is very well shaped with good South Indian artistry.

Devi is eight-armed. In her left hands she holds Chakra (disc), Shar (arrow), Khadga (sword) and Trishula (trident). In her right hands she holds Shankha (conch), Khet (Shield), Dhanush (bow) and her eighth frontal left hand is probably holding a Pattra (small knife or a dagger) thought it isn’t very clear being worn out.

Devi is called Vaishnavi because she is the potential of Vishnu.

The demon Mahishasura could only be killed by a woman as decreed by Brahma, the creator. Neither the demigods nor Vishnu or Shiva could kill Mahishasura. Therefore Mahamaya, the primeval energy manifested as a woman who was an aggregate of the individual potential of all divinities.

She slew Mahisha after a fierce nine-day battle.


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