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Chandrashekhar Murti Shiva Small Copper Idol

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Description: Chandrashekhara Murti is one of the vigraha (form) of Lord Shiva. This fantast...Read more
  • Shiva
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Chandrashekhara Murti is one of the vigraha (form) of Lord Shiva. This fantastic copper idol of Chandarshekhara Murti is four armed and adorned with crown and rich jewellery.

Shiva is seen four armed. He holds parashu (axe) and mrig (deer) in his upper two hands and his lower right and left hands are posed in abhaya (fearlessness granting) and varada (boon granting) respectively.

There is an interesting story about the mrig that Shiva bears:

When Daksha, Shiva’s father-in-law did not invite Shiva to a yajna (Vedic ritual) purposely to humiliate him, Shiva’s wife Sati went to the site of yajna and demanded an explanation from her father. Daksha further insulted Shiva and unable to bear this, Sati immolated herself by jumping in the fire of yajna. Enraged at this Shiva had Daksha’s ritual destroyed and when he aimed at yajna itself, it assumed the form of a deer and tried to leave the arena. Shiva caught yajna and bore it thereafter as one of his attributes.

The copper idol stands on a lotus pedestal.


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