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Goddess Annapurna Small Copper Idol

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Description: Check this beautiful, small copper idol of Goddess Annapurna.Annapurna is a...Read more
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Check this beautiful, small copper idol of Goddess Annapurna.

Annapurna is a form of Parvati and Goddess of food and nourishment. She is revered as the deity of kitchen in Indian households. It is believed that a kitchen that is blessed by Annapurna is never short of food.

Story has it that once Shiva taunted his wife Parvati that she was Maya and hence subject to change. That she was material Prakriti (nature) which is nothing but food in essence while he was the changeless Purusha and without him she had no base at all. Shiva totally rejected the importance of Parvati.

Enraged at this Parvati left Shiva and consequently the world was deprived of all food, nourishment and contentment that results from food. The beings were unable to sustain themselves. There was no food available even for begging mendicants at any house.

The yogis and saints beseeched Shiva and he himself went to Kashi (Varanasi) where he knew of just one house where food was available. When Shiva begged for food he realized that the kitchen was owned by none other than Parvati but in a different form which was that of Annapurna.

Devi Annapurna was seated on a throne adorned with simple jewels and wore purple and brown garments. There she served food to gods and others alike, including her sons Ganesha and Kartikeya.

Shiva asked for alms from Annapurna, signifying that Purusha and Prakriti are inseparable. Each is incomplete without the other.

Henceforth Parvati resided forever in Kashi as Devi Annapurna.

This statue is that form of Goddess Annapurna, ever serving food to the entire creation, holding a vessel and a ladle.


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