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Tara Tibetan Statue

Product Code: MA-0000007 Category: Metal Art

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Description: Probably derived from Sanskrit word Tarana, the name Tara means the One Who Saves....Read more
  • Tara
  • 1.50 Kgs
  • 9.50 inches
  • 6.00 inches
  • 4.00 inches
  • Copper, Brass
  • India
The pigment on face contains a small percentage of Gold.

The statue is created using Lost-Wax method.Since the wax model of the statue is destroyed within the making process, every statue made with this method is unique. No copy of such pieces can be made ever.

Probably derived from Sanskrit word Tarana, the name Tara means the One Who Saves. An exceptionally compassionate Tibetan deity, her compassion for all suffering living beings is par excellence.

This form of Tara, who herself is a Bodhisattva, is honoured as Mother of all Buddhas, past, present and future.

The form of Tara shown is the White Tara ( the other one is Green which is ferocious). She is born from the tears flowing from the right eye of Avalokiteshvara.

She is being shown here as a charming girl of sixteen as described in meditational texts. The statue shows her poised and alert, with head tilted slightly and one leg drawn up onto the lotus seat and one inclined over the side in her customary pose of royal ease.

With her right hand she graciously extends her palm in boon-granting gesture (Varada Mudra), holding the stem of a blue lotus. Another flowering lotus is held by her left hand as she makes the three-refuge gesture by extending her three fingers upward.


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