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Adhikara Nandi Bronze Idol

Product Code: MA-0000231 Category: Chola Bronze

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Description: This is a unique Shaiva statue of Nandi, vahana (mount) of Lord Shiva. No t...Read more
  • Nandi
  • 18.00 Kgs
  • 27.00 inches
  • 12.00 inches
  • 9.00 inches
  • Bronze
  • India
  • Madhuchishtavidhana

Weight mentioned is approximate.


This is a unique Shaiva statue of Nandi, vahana (mount) of Lord Shiva.

No temple of Shiva is complete without vigraham (statue) of Nandi, which is of a reclining bull outside the sanctum.

Being a gana (retinue of Shiva), Nandi has same attributes as Shiva that signifies his oneness with his lord. As Shiva’s devout attendant, Nandi is seen in the form as in this bronze sculpture but when he serves his lord as his mount he assumes the form of a bull.

Nandi is chief of Shiva’s ganas and commands full adhikara (right or authority) over them, so he is called Adhikara Nandi. He is also known as Nandikesh or Nandikeshwara.

Adhikara Nandi is seen four-armed in this bronze sculpture. He bears emblems of Shiva in his two upper hands, Parashu (axe) and Mriga (deer) in right and left hands respectively. His lower hands are folded in Anjali Mudra, signifying his humility and devotion. He holds an Akshamala (rosary) between his joint palms, indicative of his constant remembrance of Lord Shiva.

He wears his hair as Jatamakuta (hair fashioned as crown).

This solid and graceful bronze statue stands on a double pedestal, lotus on square.


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