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Shiva and Parvati on Nandi (Vrishabharudha Murti) – 5 Feet

Product Code: MA-0000244 Category: Chola Bronze

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Description: This breathtakingly beautiful bronze sculpture is of Vrishabharudha Murti. This title m...Read more
  • Shiva
  • 210.00 Kgs
  • 60.00 inches
  • 25.00 inches
  • 16.00 inches
  • Bronze
  • India
  • Madhuchishtavidhana

The weight mentioned is approximate as this is a large statue involving much artistic effort and artists didn’t weigh the statue after creation. However the weight is estimated in relation to the size of the sculpture by their creator artists who are very experienced so the mentioned weight is close to actual.

This statue is of significant size so it is created hollow. It already weighs much and if it were created solid that would have not only increased the weight of the sculpture unnecessarily but it also would be much cumbersome to move the sculpture.


This breathtakingly beautiful bronze sculpture is of Vrishabharudha Murti. This title means ‘the one mounted on Vrishabha (bull)’ the word Murti means Form.

Shiva is seen sitting on his mount Nandi with his consort Parvati sitting on his left lap.

Vrishabarudha Murti is one of the most popular themes in traditional Chola sculpturing.

The four-armed Shiva is seen smiling pleasantly. He wears Jatamakuta (hair worn as crown) that is studded with beautiful jewelry, complete with Chandrakala (crescent moon) and Ganga (shown as wave-damsel). His right and left ears are adorned with male and female earring respectively, signifying Shiva’s completeness.

Shiva bears Parashu (axe) and Mriga (deer) in right and left upper-hands respectively. His lower left hand is curled around Parvati and right hand is raised in Abhaya Mudra (assurance or granting fearlessness).

He sits on vrishabha in Sukhasana (comfortable pose).

Parvati is seen sitting on Shiva’s left lap. She bears a beautiful smile on her face, with a flostrer in her righty hand and left resting on her thigh.

Nandi is the name of the bull that is Shiva’s retinue and mount. He is depicted as a strong bull wearing thick garlands of bells, gold beads and other jewels.

The sculpture is frame in a beautiful Prabhawali complete with two Yalis (Yali is a Puranic being that is hybrid of multiple animals) on either side at its base and a Kirtimukha (a demon who Shiva blessed with a place higher than any deity after he consumed his own body when asked so by Shiva).

A fantastic piece of bronze art to own!


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