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Antique Brass Lamp

Product Code: MA-0000003 Category: Collectable Metal Art

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Description: Lamps hold significant role in Hindu ritual besides being an organic, fuel-driven sourc...Read more
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> This piece was acquired from a family in Uttar Pradesh. It also has a name carved on it in Hindi, probably in keeping with an old Indian tradition of carving the name of an important family member on all metal vessels and utensils.


Lamps hold significant role in Hindu ritual besides being an organic, fuel-driven source of light.

A lamp is considered highly auspicious, representing hope, divinity, knowledge and positivity. No Hindu religious ceremony can be undertaken without at-least one lamp.

Given the important position lamps hold in Hindu culture and their indispensable association with ritual, these are produced in huge quantities for use in temples and households both. They come in different shapes and sizes and their design is influenced by so many cultures and societies across the length and breadth of India.

These are handcrafted in clay and metal, largely brass, and artistically enhanced to even include elaborate images of deities or their symbols in their beautiful designs.

Given their large ritualistic utility and cultural importance lamps have been one of the subjects of Indian art of pottery and sculpturing since time immemorial.

This antique brass lamp available for sale is one such unique example of how old artists created lamps in different designs.

Crafted in solid brass this lamp is designed like a vessel so it can hold large quantity of ghee or oil. Its big, funnel like orifice can support a thick wick, which can also be long with its larger part remaining submerged in oil inside the vessel like base, and may be drawn out as the burnt part of the wick withers off.

The design of this lamp enables it to burn for hours together, typically for an entire night. Its thick wick ensures a stable, bright flame, good enough to subtly lit up an entire room with its warm light.

When lit this brass lamp looks infused with life, radiating soft yellow light creating a peaceful yet mystical aura around.


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