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Vishnu Srinivasa Wood Carving

Product Code: WA-0000041 Category: Carved Wood Statues

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Description: This master piece of a carving is literally divine to behold. Sri Nivasa, the Lord at t...Read more
  • Vishnu
  • 350.00 Kgs
  • 96.00 inches
  • 48.00 inches
  • 18.00 inches
  • Wood
  • India

This master piece of a carving is literally divine to behold. Sri Nivasa, the Lord at the famous Venkateshwara temple on the hills of Tirumala in Tirupati, India is depicted in all his majesty in this carving.

This form is also known as Divya Mangala Murti (the divine, auspicious form) as it bestows great peace and happiness on who-so-ever is fortunate enough to see him.

Lord is bedecked in intricate royal jewellery and is seen truly as Sri Pati (master of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth who is his spouse). He wears a tall diadem known as Vajra Kireetam. His forehead bears the Vaishanava mark extending till his nose. On either side he bears Chakra (discus) and Shankha (conch)

His chest is adorned with the presence of Lakshmi and Padmavati, his consorts. He sports Naagabharana (armlets shaped like snake) on his arms and wears a garland with different forms of Lakshmi carved in.

A long garland runs over his entire height and the main figure has an intricately carved Prabha (aureole) in the background, complete with a Keertimukham and two Yaalis on either side. He stands on a lotus pedestal. The entire statue is supported on a square base with an icon of Garuda on it.

The statue is carved out of solid teak wood and dyed in natural colours. The main figure of Sri Nivaasa is carved out of a single block of wood.

This statue stands a whooping eight feet


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