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Venkateshwara Balaji Large Wood Carving

Product Code: WA-000299 Category: Wood Carvings

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Description: An exceptionally beautiful wood carved large statue of Lord Venkateshwara or Balaji ava...Read more
  • Vishnu
  • 200.00 Kgs
  • 90.00 inches
  • 48.00 inches
  • 15.00 inches
  • Wood
  • India

> This carving is currently raw and may be polished or coloured as desired for no extra cost.
> Email us at orders@cottage9.com to specify whether polish or colour be applied after placing order.



An exceptionally beautiful wood carved large statue of Lord Venkateshwara or Balaji available in our stock now. This marvellous piece of art is one of its kinds. This is 7.5 feet tall, purely hand carved sculpture of Lord Balaji in solid wood.
The central figure of Lord Venkateshwara is carved out of a single block of wood with no joint. The pedestal, the two pillars on either side of the central figure and the prabhavali (the ornate arch over the statue) are all carved out of a single block of wood.
The carving is a very fine example of the unmatched wood carving art of South India.
This statue is best suited for large lobbies like that in mansions or hotels and of course community temples. However it can also be well placed in a personal home-temple that is appropriately sized to accommodate this beautiful statue.
The wood in the carving will mature over years and will become a priceless art asset.
This carving is of Lord Venkateshwara also known as Balaji. Venkateshwara is a form of Vishnu and the main deity of the famous shrine at Tirumala hills in Tirupati, located in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. Known as Sri Vari temple, this shrine is one of the richest temples in India.
The form of the deity Venkateshwara is captivating. He stands holding shankha (conch) and chakra (disc) in his two upper hands, which are usually hidden behind the thick garlands he adorns, leaving only the conch and disc visible. His lower right hand is in varada mudra (boon granting pose) and left rests on his thigh in katyavalambita mudra (hand extending below the waist).
His chest is marked with images of his consorts Sridevi and Padmavati which are forms of Goddesses Lakshmi and Prithvi.
Venkateshwara is popularly called Balaji. His form is bedecked with rich jewellery donated lovingly by the old kings and general devotees.



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