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Welcome to Cottage9, your ultimate destination for authentic and affordable art. At Cottage9, we are passionate about affording art lovers exquisite pieces crafted using traditional methods and utmost care. Our goal is to make art accessible to everyone while preserving the rich heritage of various cultures.

Fueled by a lifelong fascination with the artistic heritage of India and other Southeast Asian countries, we at Cottage9 are art connoisseurs with a deep well of knowledge of ancient artistic traditions of India, Burma, Bhutan, Nepal, China, Japan, and Thailand. Our passion extends beyond just the commercials, as we strive to share our profound appreciation for these time-honored art techniques and traditions. Cottage9 serves as a bridge, allowing others to embark on a journey of discovery, fostering a deeper understanding and connection with these exquisite works of art.

About cottage9
Each item nestled within cottage9 possesses its own distinctiveness or is a limited edition, narrates a tale, and is meticulously selected to surpass the utmost expectations.
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The Artistic Treasures of India and other Southeast Asian countries at Cottage9

Cottage9 welcomes you to a world brimming with the artistic heritage of Southeast Asia. Find a stunning array of art forms, from the intricate beauty of metalwork to the warmth of handcrafted wooden pieces. Immerse yourself in the vibrant traditions of India with exquisite paintings like Tanjore, Pichwai, Batik, and Thangka. We also offer a curated selection of prints, including reproductions of old oleographs and original works by renowned artists. Travel to Japan through the exquisite artistry of woodblock prints.

Unveil the timeless allure of ancient and vintage art pieces, alongside captivating copper, bronze, and brass statues depicting Indian and Buddhist deities. Explore the intricate details of Kalachakra mandalas and Thangka. Whether you're looking to enhance your home decor with tableware, gardenware, or captivating stone carvings, Cottage9 has something to inspire every taste. Let your curiosity guide you as you discover the elegance of glass art or the unique charm of artifacts like Chinese embroidery. And for a touch of Cottage9's own creative spirit, explore our collection of original art prints inspired by the enduring legacy of vintage Indian art.
Exclusive Treasures Await
Cottage9 isn't just another art store. We showcase a collection of exquisite pieces, from intricate metalwork to handcrafted wooden treasures, that you won't find everywhere. Discover unique cultural artifacts, captivating sculptures, and captivating stone carvings – each piece a testament to artistic heritage.
Affordable art
Experience the joy of owning a piece of artistic legacy without breaking the bank. Cottage9 offers a stunning collection of art forms at affordable prices, ensuring you can bring the beauty and cultural richness of Asia into your home.
Uncompromised quality
Affordability doesn't mean sacrificing quality. At Cottage9, we source and curate with meticulous attention to detail. Every piece in our collection, from delicate glass art to intricate mandalas, reflects exceptional craftsmanship and timeless allure.
Supporting Artists
We collaborate with talented artisans and artists, both locally and internationally, ensuring that each piece is crafted with authenticity and traditional techniques. By supporting Cottage9, you contribute to the preservation of art forms and the livelihood of skilled craftsmen.
Sell Your Art with Us
We also provide a platform for vendors to showcase and sell their art on our website. If you are an artist seeking to reach a wider audience and share your creations, Cottage9 welcomes you.
Browse our store and discover a world of genuine, high-quality art that reflects centuries of craftsmanship and creativity. Every purchase at Cottage9 is not just an investment; it's a celebration of art and culture. Join us in cherishing art, making it a part of your life, and keeping traditions alive.

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