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About Cottage9

Simply put, Cottage9 is a hangout for Art lovers.

Art is one of the expressions of Civilization. It is as important an aspect of a culture as Cuisine, Tradition and Philosophy are.

Visual art in particular lends an impact more effective and lasting than other art forms. “A picture conveys more than a thousand words” goes an old Chinese proverb.

Individuals even passingly appreciative of art find themselves quickly growing into avid art-collectors. This acquired taste stays for life, forever bringing them great joy and contentment.

The founder of Cottage9 is himselfserious art-collector and hassolid foundational knowledge of ancient arts of Countries such as India, Burma, Bhutan, Nepal, China, Japan and Thailand.

Most people however are awed with art and keep their engagement limited to admiring it from a distance.

Assuming it beyond their pockets they shut their eyes to the possibility that genuine art could be surprisingly affordable too. Consequently they develop an indifferent gaze for art and end up denying themselves a significant pleasure of life.

This notion among potential buyers impacts the artisans’ market for it becomes too limited for survival. They then try to amend the situation in these ways:

  • Start looking for other means of survival and growth, giving up their traditional skills and crafts.
  • Price their work exorbitantly to compensate for a very small market.
  • Compromise the quality of their work to produce in bulk so they can lower their prices and therefore expand the scope of their market.

The net effect, no matter in whose favor, is detrimental to skilled craftsmanship.

Cottage9 attempts to address these issues from both artisans’ and buyer’s perspectives.

From artisans’ perspective, we seek to expand their market by creating an organic demand for their products lest their skills, art forms and their production methods go into oblivion.

Our products are produced by our own team of selected artisans under stringent, centuries old standards laid down in ancient texts and manuals and handed over from master to pupil over generations.

Besides, we also outsource our production to artisans in India and abroad but only after ensuring they adopt traditional techniques and don’t compromise their art style.

We particularly encourage artists whose work is created after following their own traditional standards.

We also procure our inventory variously from old antique shops, art exhibitions, and private art-collectors or individuals interested in selling artefacts.

For our visitors we bring authentic traditional art within their reach and encourage them to invest in art. Since it appreciates over time, art has it’s own market much akin to Gold and Stock. It is regarded as one of the well-acknowledged investment avenues.

Our art pieces are assuredly genuine and very fine samples of their types and styles. If retained sufficiently long, they may well convert to antiques.

We strive to bring best quality traditional art from various countries and cultures thereby creating an opportunity to invest in art, a hobby that is both pleasing and rewarding at the same time.

Cottage9 is more than just an online store in the sense that we strive to sell with a purpose of kindling genuine interest in art among our buyers besides ensuring that their purchases also become return-giving investments in art.

We also intend to weed out minted-art, art with styles mixed, and poor renderings of visual-arts. We’d like your houses and offices be adorned with high-quality, genuine artefacts.

Please browse around our store and you are sure to spot a beautiful art effect you’d like to possess and can afford too.

And by purchasing it you have not only made an investment but done your bit in preserving that art form and supporting its artisans.