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Collectable Stone Art

Collectable Stone Art
Fine Stone Carvings, Statues and Stone Engravings to Collect Absolutely
Selected stone artwork for aesthetes and art lovers. Browse our awesome collection of fine, rare stone carving work created by expert stone carvers.
his is a selected collection of traditional, hand carved stone statues and figurines of various subjects such as mythical beings, humans, animals and objects. These are created by skilled artists of India and abroad.

Our stone art collection is comprised of pieces that are exceptionally carved and would be much sought after by the lovers of stone art. These artworks are valuable in their own right for stone carving is probably the most tedious to achieve among all art forms. They exude stark beauty and grace, which is so integral to them.
Every item in this collection is unique and special work of art chiseled with hands, which have behind them the skill of generations of stone artists.