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C G Ramanujam Original Oleographs

Original Oleographs of Priceless Paintings by Renowned Indian Artist C G Ramanujam
C.G. Ramanujam is an artist known for his vibrant oleographs, particularly those depicting Hindu deities and scenes from mythology.


hile details about his specific technique are scarce, it likely involved the traditional oleography process. C G Ramanujam’s works, possibly influenced by the Tanjore painting style, helped bring religious art to a wider audience in the form of affordable and colorful oleographs.

Oleography, also known as Chromolithography, a method of multi-color printing. This technique evolved from lithography, a process of printing on flat surfaces using a printing plate. This technique became popular in the 19th century and involved the use of multiple lithographic stones, each for a different color. 

The process relied on rejection of water by grease and involved applying the image to stone or metal surfaces, gumming it up with a solution, and transferring the inked image onto paper using a press. This meticulous process ensured accurate registration for multi-colored prints.

While the production of a single oleograph could be a time-consuming endeavor, often taking months to complete, the resulting oleograph allowed for the creation of numerous high-fidelity reproductions.

These days, it’s hard to find original oleographs, but you can still get prints of them. Cottage 9 brings you the opportunity to own authentic oleographs of the brilliant paintings by C.G. Ramanujam. Don’t miss this chance to add a rare and valuable piece to your collection.