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S Rajam Painting Prints

S Rajam Painting Prints
High Quality Prints of Priceless Paintings by Renowned South Indian Artist S. Rajam
S. Rajam could easily be one of the great painters of modern India. His unique style of painting will guide generations of painters. We have a collection of prints of beautiful paintings by this talented artist.
ndian Puranas and Itihasas (Ramayana and Mahabharata) have inspired untold artists and S. Rajam was one of them. He was also a distinguished Carnatic musician and had acted in a few South Indian films too.

S. Rajam had a deep understanding of Shastric music and dance and that reflected in his paintings, which had the rhythm and fluidity of dance. He based his paintings on the principles of Chitrasutra, an authoritative, ancient Indian scripture on the art of drawing and painting. His subjects were largely the divine characters and themes from the Puranas and Itihasas.

He painted these paintings with subtle colors, precise iconography and in a unique painting style based on color-wash technique, which he developed himself.
These paintings of Hindu gods and goddesses are a feast to behold with their rich imagery, jewelry, iconography and subtle blend of colors.

Though these paintings aren’t available in public domain, their high-quality prints are there to buy. Framed and hung, these prints will impart depth and richness to any wall they occupy.