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Bronze Statues

Bronze Statues
Bronze Sculpturing is Poetry in Metal
These are a variety of bronze statues different in subjects, types and genre but one in beauty, originality and richness.
Bronze statues or artwork are small treasures to own.

These statues keep changing hues as they age and grow in beauty, richness and charm over time.

Bronze is an amazing metal that lends itself so very well to casting that it was employed to create art, tools and even weapons by civilizations of the yore and is widely used even till date. This beautiful metal is an alloy of copper and tin.
These bronze idols and other artwork are all genuine handmade bronze-work created with ‘lost wax’ method of casting statues. This method ensures that the final product is absolutely unique and no replica of it can be created as the wax model of the art is lost in the process of making.

Bronze statues and other artwork so created is very pleasing to the eye and will last for centuries with good care. These statues have a life-like quality of changing hues with time and this is always a pleasure to observe.

You can never go wrong in buying a bronze artwork whether to gift or to collect.