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Old Brass Artefacts

Old Brass Artwork for Decors, Gifts and Collection
Antiquated handcrafted bronze statues, figurines and other genuine artwork in bronze.
Old Brass Artefacts
rass is a beautiful metal indeed. The soft, golden light-like hue of well-polished brass artworks is adorable.

Our collection of handpicked, old brass statues, idols and figurines is worth a visit. No matter the type of your decor you are certain to find something that will catch your eye.

And these brass artworks aren’t just metal showpieces but real handmade art created by skilled artists. These are all unique artworks, which cannot be replicated and very unlike their minted versions.
This is the type of artwork that, given time, may go on to become valuable antiques.

Most of our artwork is purchased directly from their owners or reputed art dealers.