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Blue Pottery

The Widely Recognized Traditional Art of Blue Pottery of Jaipur, Rajasthan
Handpicked items in Blue Pottery by best artisans of Jaipur available for sale. These artifacts are an exclusive range picked directly from artisans.
Blue Pottery

lue Pottery is called so because a vividly colored cobalt blue dye is used to color the pottery items. This is also the traditional art of artisans native to Jaipur.

No clay is used in making of Blue Pottery and the dough is prepared by mixing borax, gum, quartz stone powder and Multanimitti (specific clay from Multan), together with water. The pottery created with this mix is low-fired and is therefore relatively delicate. It is used only for decorative purposes and not as regular bowls and vessels like those made of Terracotta.
No other medium offers this kind of flexibility.

Artisans therefore have created museum-worthy masterpieces in sculpturing and statuary with Terracotta. Chinese and Persians were the masters of this art and till date Terracotta pottery and art of China and Persia are considered the best.

We procure native art from respective countries. Our exclusive collection comprises of high-quality terracotta art of the level fit for collection.