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Thangka Paintings

Original Thangka Paintings by Monks of Tibetan Monasteries
Paintings in this gallery are all original Thangkas Paintings created with strict standards and procedures involved in traditional art of Tibetan Buddhist Thangka Painting.
he Tibetan Buddhist art of Thangka painting is much sought after these days. These paintings are very intricate and replete with Tibetan Buddhist deities and their extensive iconography. They are painted with striking color combinations that are very eye-catching.

The process that goes in their making is very detailed and also ritualistic to some extent. Moreover these Thangka paintings use colors created with organic formulas treasured with traditional painters.

The painters of these Thangka art are invariably the Buddhist monks who have full knowledge of Tibetan deities with regards to their legends, forms and iconography. While such painters are fast becoming rare and regular painters are painting Thangka these days largely due to which the quality of these paintings is suffering.
The Thangka paintings we have here are all genuinely created by monks and these are priced as per the experience and subsequent quality of art delivered by a given monk. But we ensure that we do not procure these paintings from regular painters.

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