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Vasudeo H Pandya Original Oleographs

High- Quality Original Oleographs of Paintings by Vasudeo H Pandya
Vasudeo H Pandya, a distinguished artist whose captivating works continue to inspire audiences worldwide. Renowned for his exquisite paintings, Vasudeo H Pandya’s legacy transcends mere aesthetics, resonating deeply within our cultural heritage.


leographs are special prints made with oil-based colors. The word “oleo” is a Latin word meaning oil. Oleographs are a type of chromolithograph, made using a unique printing process that evolved from lithography, where different stones are used for each color. This makes the prints very detailed and colorful. Oleography is the art of mass-producing prints, which emerged in the 19th century, revolutionizing the accessibility of art to the masses.

For creating Oleographs the process starts with spreading the oil colors on different stones. There is a different stone each for a specific color. Then, high-quality paper is pressed onto these stones one by one to create a colorful picture. 

Even though it takes a lot of time and work, oleographs end up looking very detailed and vibrant, almost like original oil paintings.  While they used to be common, oleographs are rare now. They’re important because they help keep history and heritage alive for future generations.

Oleographs hold a special place in the realm of art, offering vibrant and intricate reproductions of original paintings. Vasudeo Hiralal Pandya ventured into the world of oleography to immortalize his creations. Born in Gujarat in 1896, Pandya’s journey from a village school teacher to a renowned artist is marked by his passion for preserving artistry. 

Influenced by European prints in Bombay, Pandya honed his craft, drawing from Renaissance artists. Encouraged by a Parsi man, he went to Germany to print his paintings as oleographs. Despite WWII’s loss, Vasudeo H Pandya’s legacy endures through his meticulous works.

At Cottage9.com, we’re committed to keeping Vasudeo H Pandya’s legacy alive. Our special collection features original oleographs of Vasudeo Hiralal Pandya’s paintings. These Oleographs are carefully made to honor the beauty and detail of Vasudeo H Pandya’s artwork.