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Carved Wood Statues

Our wide collection of wooden carved statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, Regional Deities, Animals and unique objects as subjects.
Marvelous Wood Carved Statues from India and other Southeast Asian Countries
Hand carved wood statues can be very beautiful if carved by a skilled artisan.

While it is easy to carve details on a wooden medium since wood is softer than metal and stone, the artist need to observe great care and caution because wood does get chipped easily while carving. So a great deal of skill is needed to carve a whole statue out of a wood block.

This is the reason that we find a lot many woodcarvings or engravings available but few wooden statues. Carving wood statues is an art that takes patience and years of practice to master.
We ensure through our team of expert wood artists in India and abroad that we bring you not only the best quality of carved wood statues but also very unique and pure traditional and native designs.

Here you will find all types of carved wood statues such as traditional, modern, of varied genre like characters from native folklore and legends, deities, objects, animals etc.

These beautiful wooden statues are great to give an ethnic touch to any decor, indoors or outdoors or even ideal to gift someone. Plus these are of top quality.
Carved Wood Statues