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Chola Bronze

Chola Bronze

Chola Bronze Art to Stir Your Soul

Timeless Chola bronze statues of Hindu gods and goddesses sculpted with 1700 year old Lost-wax method and after ancient designs perfect in elegance, rhythm and iconography.


hola Bronze statuary is an art par excellence.

Each of these statues is bundled with grace, delicacy and a surreal charm that attracts even those indifferent to art. A Chola bronze statue is sure to catch your attention and you will be compelled to at least give it a thorough look if not your admiring gaze.

There is a deep philosophy, scripture and tradition behind the irresistible charm that is inherent in all Chola sculptures. These qualities unique to Chola bronzes are acquired from very precise, methodical design standards based on which these sculptures are created.

All Chola Bronze Sculptures are sculpted according to strict rules of statue making laid out in authoritative shastras like Vishnu Dharmottara Purana, Manasara, Kashyapa Shilpa Shastra etc.

The gestures of hands and feet, the poses achieved through limbs and overall body postures including facial expressions are all derived from the Natya Shastra. Therefore every Chola bronze statue is infused with fluidity and rhythm, which is integral to the art of dance.

The subject or deity of every Chola bronze statue is from Puranic stories, local legends or even history. Narratives of these decide the pose of the statue, type of jewelry, hairstyle, crown, clothing and iconography. The designs of jewelry, weapons and other attributes of the statue are laid out in detail in the Shilpa Shastras. Such well-defined design routines bestow a subtle, unique quality on Chola Bronzes that gives them an edge above all other statue types. It therefore isn’t a matter of chance that besides South Indian temples; Chola Bronze statues are mostly found in personal collections of art-lovers, museums and excavated treasure troves.