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Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore Paintings
Collection of Beautiful Tanjore Paintings on Unique, Traditional Themes
We create Tanjore paintings with traditional methods strictly and use organic colors. Our artists are experts in recreating old Tanjore painting themes.
anjore Paintings can instantly transform any ordinary surrounding into a luxurious, royal decor by its mere presence. Such is the grandeur of a well executed Tanjore artwork.

This is an art native to Tamil Nadu, Tanjavur (Tanjore) district in particular and dates back right up to the 17th century.

These paintings are created on surface of a canvas pasted on a wooden plank with Arabic gum and then treated with elaborate process involving powdered limestone etc. to obtain a smooth surface. The artist then sketches the outline of the figures in the painting. It is finally finished with coloring it with rich, natural colors and sticking precious stones as needed in design. Pure gold foil is applied in sections of the painting depicting ornamental work.

Tanjore paintings were created based largely on themes from Hindu Puranas. The artwork was usually created around a central deity on a backdrop as defined in the Puranic event being depicted. The main deity was generally flanked by spouses or secondary deities or members of divine entourage.
There are many set themes on which Tanjore paintings are based. Tanjore art is a full-fledged art with well established style for painting characters, their attires and iconography and other relevant attributes.

Our artists create these paintings following the exact standards and style of old artists whether they are recreating an existing Tanjore theme or painting an altogether new one.