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Tibetan Buddhist Metal Art

Tibetan Buddhist Metal Art
Ancient Statue-making Art of Tantric Buddhism of Tibet
Exquisite, brightly colored, metal statues of Tibetan deities created with centuries-old techniques and processes.
ibetan Buddhist art of statue making is a special art that involves rituals to invoke the very deity whose idol the artist seeks to create among other important steps. Read about the full process here.

We bring you these Tibetan statues created in the workshops of skilled Tibetan artists. These artists use the same age-old methods to create these statues, which are handed down from generation to generation.

The Tibetan art of statue making is much centered on Tantric Buddhism, which is a fusion of Buddhism with Indian Tantra, further influenced by local deities of Tibet. This resulted in an entire genre of philosophy laden with multifarious deities, rituals and complex iconography. There is an entire spectrum of Tibetan Buddhist deities ranging from mild and compassionate to fearful and gruesome. Also every deity is associated with legends and stories, which resulted in complex and rich art when depicted with Thangka paintings and statues.
These statues are created with lost-wax method and copper, bronze and silver are used in their production, copper being the primary metal. These statues are modeled very delicately and intricately in wax, which is then transformed into metal figure much like the process involved in creating Chola bronzes. However Tibetan Buddhist idols go a step further in that these are coloured with bright, organic colours created with recipes and methods as old as the process.

We have selected some unique Tibetan idols and stocked these for sale or viewing pleasure of our visitors.