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Collectable Terracotta Art

Collectable Terracotta Art
Awesome Terracotta Art Items from India and Abroad for Your Pleasure to Shop and Collect
These are unique art pieces made of terracotta and handpicked from antique shops and individual art dealers for India and abroad. Every item in this collection is traditional and hand made by a skilled terracotta artist.

erracotta is a magnificent material. While it is just clay that is baked in a kiln, items made with Terracotta can survive for literally thousands of years.

That is why articles of Terracotta figure among the dug-up items of civilizations thousands of years old. The fact that Terracotta is so durable that it can stay underground and underwater indefinitely without disintegration was probably the reason that almost every civilization found it to be one of the best media to create pottery and artifacts.

Secondly it is also a very easy medium to work with. It remains pliable as long as the artist works with it and once completed he may bake the finished work to make it permanent. Clay when baked is called Terracotta.
No other medium offers this kind of flexibility.

Artisans therefore have created museum-worthy masterpieces in sculpturing and statuary with Terracotta. Chinese and Persians were the masters of this art and till date Terracotta pottery and art of China and Persia are considered the best.

We procure native art from respective countries. Our exclusive collection comprises of high-quality terracotta art of the level fit for collection.