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Handmade Sculpture and Statues of Various Subjects in Different Media
Outstanding sculptures and statues of divinity, humanity, animal world and objects; handcrafted by various artists with different media and techniques that are modern and traditional too.
culpturing and Statuary are ancient arts that have been present in almost all civilizations.

Various mediums were used to create sculptures and accordingly tool and implements. It further on gave rise to many techniques of sculpturing such as carving, modeling, molding and so on.

After painting, sculpture is an art form that has attracted most to-be artists, amongst whom many went on to become master sculptors.

A well-made sculpture, regardless of its medium, is a pleasure to behold and enhances the aura of an area. The sculpture becomes representative of its subject and expression of the mind of its sculptor.

No decoration or design of any interior is complete without some sort of sculpture. Sculptures give dimensions to corners and grace to decors. They bring divinity to temples and life to rooms.
We have collected artworks in our collection of sculptures to provide graceful, solid sculptures created with passion by artists hailing from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds worldwide.

Our goal is to ensure availability of quality sculptures of various subjects in most media to our visitors.