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K. S. Siddalinga Swamy Original Oleograph

Original Oleographs of the Paintings By K. S. Siddalinga Swamy
K. S. Siddalinga Swamy was a talented artist, sculptor, and architect who made important contributions to Indian art, particularly in Mysore painting and architecture. His original oleographs, which are prints of his unique artwork, capture the beauty of Indian heritage.


leographs, also referred to as chromolithographs, are prints produced using a mechanical process known as oleography, which gained popularity during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Unlike traditional lithographs, which are monochromatic, oleographs are colored prints that aim to replicate the vibrancy and richness of oil paintings.

The process of creating an oleograph involves the artist preparing separate lithographic stones for each color present in the original painting. These stones are then meticulously inked with oil colors and pressed onto high-quality paper, layer by layer, to recreate the intricate details and hues of the original painting.

This painstaking technique results in prints with vivid colors and fine details, closely resembling the texture and depth of oil paintings. Oleographs thus provide an accessible means of reproducing and disseminating artworks to a wider audience, capturing the essence of the original masterpiece in a mass-produced format.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, oleographs were common due to their mass production, but over time, they became rare. At Cottage9.com, we are dedicated to preserving this traditional method, as oleography is a delightful technique for creating prints. 

Renowned artist K.S. Siddalinga Swamy has created breathtaking and enchanting paintings, and we take pride in showcasing authentic oleographs of his work, carefully reproduced to honor his artistic talent. Browse our collection and experience the magic of Siddalinga Swamy’s creations, available exclusively at Cottage9.com.