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Wood Carvings

Wood Blocks and Panels Carved in Impeccable Designs
Beautiful wood art for walls on intricately carved wood panels and wood blocks in colonies of traditional artists and workshops old towns of India and other Southeast Asian countries.
Wood Carvings
e have some intricate woodcarvings here to have you feast your eye on.

Enjoy beautiful, hand carved wood blocks and panels with carvings of scenes from ancient stories, Hindu gods and goddesses and other general subjects.

All our carvings are hand carved by skilled artists from India and other countries. The subjects of our woodcarvings are very unique and traditional.

These themes are very old and artists who have created these woodcarvings have had this skilled passed to them over generations.

These museum-quality woodcarvings may adorn the walls of lobbies and large or small rooms. These are ideal for any location whether indoors or outdoors.