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Old Bronze Artefacts

Original, Old Bronze Statues and Figurines
Beautiful, old artworks of pure Brass to enrich any decor with grace and royalty.
Old Bronze Artefacts
hese bronze items may well turn out to be valuable antiques.

This is a collection of statues, figurines and showpieces in bronze that are not only well made but are also significantly old. This is the type of art that is not only a pleasure to behold but also appreciates in value over time.

We don’t claim these to be antiques and we also provide no paperwork to establish their age or antiquity. These are bought based on their art quality and personal estimation of our experts that these bronze artworks are old and original.
Most of these items are purchased from owners directly who themselves have held these for years, sometimes decades.

We ascertain that these are genuine handmade art in bronze mostly on the word of the owner, look and feel of the art and of course the experience of our purchase team.