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Batik Paintings

Batik Paintings Created with Original Indonesian Techniques of Painting, Writing and Stamping
Batik Painting Art is native to Indonesia from where it spread to Southeast Asian countries such as India and assumed styles and mediums of that country.
Batik Paintings
atik Paintings come in striking colors and designs. Whether it is the painting of a figure, a portrait, landscape or a pattern, Batik paintings all look very aesthetic carrying either of these subjects.

Every Batik is created with a process that is labor intensive and requires real skill. While there are different types of Batiks based on methods of working designs on cloth such as Stamping, Writing and Painting the result of each process is a beautiful work of art in which the painting becomes a permanent part of the cloth just like its fabric.
The art of Batik painting traveled to countries around Indonesia, Indian being one of them, and while techniques of creation remained broadly the same, the culture of that country influenced the designs and to some extent mediums of these Batik paintings. We therefore have a wide range of Batiks available today.

Our procurement team handpicks these Batik paintings directly from Batik painters ensuring originality. We make sure our paintings are flawless and created by best Batik artists.