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Japanese Woodlock Prints

Centuries Old Original Woodblock Printing Art by Japanese Masters
These are authentic, antique Japanese Woodblock Prints on original Japanese rice paper and were printed over 100 – 300 years ago by stamping on paper with wooden blocks on which these paintings were carved in reverse.
Japanese Woodblock Prints are all antique and limited edition artworks by default.

Reason being that these were printed centuries ago using wooden blocks on which master carved woodblock artists of Japan scenes delicately. The carved section of the wooden block was colored and it was pressed on rice paper creating an imprint of the scenery.

Such prints could only be obtained effectively till the carved surface of the wooden block remained crisp and sharp. Therefore there were only a few thousand of woodblock prints, which could be printed with a single block before it became blunt and discarded.

Out of those few thousands only a small number of woodblock prints could survive the wear and tear over centuries.
So these Japanese woodblock prints are antique as well as rare. Particularly the ones in this gallery as all of these are in a very good condition given their age.

The masters who created them signed all woodblock prints.

Kunisada, Kuniyoshi, Chikanobu, Kunichika, Sadanobu are some of the well-known woodblock artists of Japan who were active in 18th and 19th centuries. Some of their woodblock prints too are available in our collection for sale.