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Tibetan Bone Art

Authentic Tibetan Artifacts Created with Yak Bone
These are Buddhist Tibetan artifacts created by traditional artists of Tibet and other Tibetan settlements in India with use of Yak Bone.
Tibetan Bone Art
          ibetan Buddhist Art is a well-evolved genre in art.

Tibetan monks generally practiced these arts because these used to be based on Tibetan scriptures and involved detailed rituals and practices other than art techniques, which only monks had the time to devote for.

Yak Bone is one of the mediums with which art is created in Tibet. Since Tibetans depend on Yak for laborious tasks, wool, milk and meat; Yak bone is readily available. It was originally used to make tools and implements for daily use and gradually came to be used in Tibetan art till it established itself as a medium much like ivory.
Chinese Ceramic pottery and other artwork is recognized worldwide. Many Chinese Porcelain artifacts of the past are worth millions and mounted in museums. These are timeless artifacts much like the art these are made with.

Traditional potters and artist in China, particularly in old workshops and settlements, still create beautiful pottery and artifacts. They have perfected this art over generations and the ancient mastery is visible in their products even today.

Browse our products procured from old Chinese workshops and art dealers. Every piece is authentic and a work of original Chinese ceramic artist.