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Water Color Paintings

Water Color Paintings
Beautiful Portrait and Landscape Watercolor
These paintings are genuine art painted by famous as well as unknown artists. Each painting is art worth collecting.
e all like to buy paintings. They come in various genre and styles among which watercolor paintings have their own appeal in that they feel light, subtle and visually soothing.

Here we have a collection of original watercolor paintings of landscapes, portraits, figures and objects by accomplished artists as well as not-so-famous ones. However we have ascertained that paintings of either type of artists are good art, one that feels like the work of a master or of a would-be master.
These watercolor paintings are a mix of genre, style and ethnicity. So we have art from Indian and foreign artists, traditional and modern too to suit all our visitors.

The watercolor paintings in our collection are very fairly priced but high quality art, which might as well appreciate in value over time.