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Chinese Embroidery Art

Chinese Embroidery Art
Traditional Chinese Embroidery Art, Handmade by Master Chinese Embroiderers
A collection of traditional Chinese embroideries hand made on authentic Chinese silk by skilled artist embroiderers of South China.
he art of Chinese Embroidery could be as old as silk since the oldest of embroideries are found to be on real silk cloth.

Chinese Embroidery as an art has along history and has had good span of time to flourish and evolve, and it did. It diversified into many styles like:

GuangXiu – this type of embroidery is created in Guangdong Province of China and they make use of vivid colors, and shades and their embroideries are comprised mainly of intricate patterns woven with colorful threads.

Xiang Xiu – This type of work is native to Hunan Province. Here scenery is created with shades of black and white to give a type of solid effect to the embroidery.

ShuXiu – Comes from Sichuan Province, this embroidery type is very colorful, local designs, clean and very refined. It is also one of the oldest embroidery styles. This embroidery is done mainly on quilt covers, pillowcases, bed-sheets etc.
Su Xiu – This embroidery type is from Jiangsu Province. This type of craftsmenship dates back to 2000 years. They create flowers, birds, scenery and like natural themes with laborious and skillful stitching, choosing subtle, refined colors. These artists can use more than 40 needlework and 1000 different types of threads in their embroideries.

While most of the embroidery work is now transferred over to machines, some artists still prefer to stitch embroideries by hand. These handmade embroideries are significantly more valuable than their counterparts created with machines. In any case sophisticated embroideries need to be stitched by hand to get the desired finish.

All our Chinese embroideries are authentic, hand sewn and genuinely created by artists of China.