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Tibetan Buddhist Wood Art

Original Tibetan Wood Art by Master Artisans
Buy handmade Tibetan Buddhist wood art produced by master monk artists using traditional themes and woodcarving. All our Tibetan wood art is authentic and of the highest standards.
Tibetan Buddhist Wood Art
ibetan Buddhist art comes mainly as paintings known as Thangkas or statues of deities and other articles in metal. These two Tibetan art types are common.

However Tibetan wood art is as good as its other counterparts but it is less common as it is hard to find good Tibetan Buddhist wood art these days.

But good quality wood art from Tibet can be breathtakingly beautiful since these artists produce very unique style of wood art. They layer their woodcarvings with pastes created with traditional recipes and then colour these with striking shades of organic colours they prepare themselves. These processes are long drawn and need significant skill in the artisan, which can probably only come through practice and expertise achieved through generations.
Wood artisans of Tibet are mainly monks who have perfected these arts over centuries old successive chain of skill transfer through master-disciple duos.

We bring you this art from Tibetan settlements in India and wherever else we are able to find Tibetan colonies. All our Tibetan art is authentic and produced by experienced wood carvers.