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Veera Ganapati (Ganesha) Bronze Masterpiece

Product Code: MA-0000254 Category: Chola Bronze

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Description: Ganesha is the son of Parvati and Shiva. He is worshipped as Vighneshwara – Lord ...Read more
  • Ganesha
  • 550.00 Kgs
  • 60.00 inches
  • 36.00 inches
  • 18.00 inches
  • Bronze
  • India
  • Madhuchishtavidhana

- The weight mentioned is approximate as this is a large statue involving much artistic effort and artists didn’t weigh the statue after creation. However the weight is estimated in relation to the size of the sculpture by  their creator artists who are very experienced so the mentioned weight is close to actual.

- This statue is of significant size so it is created hollow. It already weighs much and if it were created solid that would have not only increased the weight of the sculpture unnecessarily but it also would be much cumbersome to move the sculpture.


Ganesha is the son of Parvati and Shiva. He is worshipped as Vighneshwara – Lord of Obstacles, for he has the power to remove and create obstacles in any undertaking. He is worshipped at commencement of any auspicious undertaking, particularly ceremonial or any literary work before other deity.

He came to acquire an elephant head as a result of a series of events and is therefore known as Gajanana (one with elephant face).

Ganesha has thirty-two forms and Veera Ganapati is one of them.

Veera means Valourous and Ganapati is another name of Ganesha. The two names mean the same as the words Isha and Pati both mean Master. So Ganesha or Ganapati means Master of Gana (Shiva’s retinue), a title that Shiva blessed his son Ganesha with.

This is an uncommon form of Ganesha and also fierce. Ganesha is seen as a warrior in this bronze sculpture with sixteen arms.

He holds chakra (disc), khadga (sword), trishula (trident), mudgara (hammer), hala (plough), parashu (axe), ankusha (goad) and chaapa (bow) in his right hands from top to bottom.

In his left hands, Ganesha holds (top to bottom), vetaala (goblin), khetaka (shield), vajra (thunderbolt), churi (dagger), dhwaja (banner), gada (mace), sarpa (snake) and bana (arrow).

He wears a beautifully carved crown and holds a kalasha (pot) with his trunk. One of his tusks is broken which happened when he had a duel with Parashurama once.
He is seen wearing a belt of two snakes tied around his belly.

Ganesha is endowed with long, huge belly and small legs. It is believed that his belly contains all the eggs of untold Universes.

The bronze sculpture of Veera Ganapati is flanked on either side by two fierce attendants, each bearing a mace in one hand and the other raised in Tarjani Mudra (a gesture to warn).

This fantastic piece of bronze sculpture art is a feast to the eyes.


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