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Bronze Male Nude

Product Code: MA-0000002 Category: Bronze Statues

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Description: Nude sculptures have been celebrated significantly in western art, more so in Greek scu...Read more
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  • 3.75 Kgs
  • 13.00 inches
  • 3.00 inches
  • 6.25 inches
  • Bronze
  • Spain

> The statue is created using Lost-Wax-Cast method.Since the wax cast of the statue is destroyed within the making process, every statue made with this method is unique. No copy of such pieces can be made ever.


Nude sculptures have been celebrated significantly in western art, more so in Greek sculptures, that consisted mainly of stylised nude male figures. Greek sculptors commanded mastery over human anatomy which resulted in not only varied poses but also strikingly natural.

Heroes, athletes and gods were often depicted nude, highlighting their virility, muscular strength and masculine sensuality.

Greeks associated the male nude form with triumph, glory and even moral purity. This lens and the mild climate of Ancient Greece that allowed being lightly-robed or nude when desired and that male athletes competed entirely nude at religious festivals, largely influenced Greek art to celebrate heroic nudity in its sculptures. Greek sculptors came to associate Nude sculptures with natural fluidity, strength and grace in art. These nude sculptures were therefore created to stir mind as well as passion.

This ancient artistic heritage of Greek sculpturing that combined accuracy of human anatomy, artistic expression and subtle sensuality was carried forward to modern times. This bronze male nude figurine for sale is one such example of these marvellous modern sculptures created in bronze.

This bronze statue of a thinking male in nude exudes firmness of male form, solidity of body and strength of masculine thought. The subject is finely crafted with anatomical precision and muscular detail.

It is an impactful, solid piece in bronze, hand crafted by a Spanish sculptor.


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