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Intricately Carved Wood Temple

Product Code: WA-000296 Category: Wood Carvings

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Description: This South Indian temple is a marvellous piece of art in a wood carving. ...Read more
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  • 60.00 Kgs
  • 84.00 inches
  • 42.00 inches
  • 12.00 inches
  • Wood
  • India



This South Indian temple is a marvellous piece of art in a wood carving.
The dome of the temple is designed in classic South Indian Gopuram style, resting on two intricately carved figures of lion standing on a subdued elephant on either side. The base of the temple is carved with Vishnu resting on Adisesha (the serpent couch of Vishnu) in the centre. The rest of the base has carvings of ten incarnations of Vishnu - Matsya till Hayagreeva (left to right).
This wood carved temple is designed and hand carved by South Indian artists skilled in traditional wood carving art.
This home temple may be placed against a wall that will serve its back and the pedestal may be used for placing vigrahams (statues of gods) for daily puja. Otherwise too this may be placed in any suitable location, indoors or outdoors to beautify it with this fantastic wood carving.



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