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Masterpiece Nataraja Bronze Sculpture

Product Code: MA-0000234 Category: Chola Bronze

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Description: Nataraja pose of Shiva is one of the finest creations of sculptors of Chola dynasty....Read more
  • Shiva
  • 450.00 Kgs
  • 78.00 inches
  • 64.00 inches
  • 22.00 inches
  • Bronze
  • India
  • Madhuchishtavidhana

- The weight mentioned is approximate as this is a large statue involving much artistic effort and artists didn’t weigh the statue after creation. However the weight is estimated in relation to the size of the sculpture by  their creator artists who are very experienced so the mentioned weight is close to actual.

- This statue is of significant size so it is created hollow. It already weighs much and if it were created solid that would have not only increased the weight of the sculpture unnecessarily but it also would be much cumbersome to move the sculpture.


Nataraja pose of Shiva is one of the finest creations of sculptors of Chola dynasty.

This iconic form of Shiva is a symbol of Indian art and culture. It possesses fluidity and flow of dance, solidity of form and beauty of art. Above all, the concept of Nataraja dancing on Apasmara (ignorance personified) is representative of the divine truth that the entire creation is grounded in Ishvara (god) who stands victorious over fear and Ignorance eternally.

It depicts Shiva’s energetic Tandava dance. Shiva is seen a handsome youth with perfectly balanced stout, fluid limbs. He wears a crown studded with stork feathers, Dhatura flower, kapaala (skull) and crescent moon. His free-flowing hairs bear Ganga depicted as a wave-damsel.

Nataraja wears male and female earrings in his right and left ears respectively, symbolizing his completeness.

He bears Damaru (hourglass drum) in his upper right hand and Agnishikha (flame) in left. His lower right hand is poised in Abhaya Mudra (gesturing fearlessness) and left hand dangles relaxed in Gajahasta Mudra.

He dances with his right foot on Apasmara who looks at the majesty of Shiva’s form in bewilderment and awe, while his left foot is raised.

The form of Nataraja is centered in a circle of flames with a Kirtimukha ((a demon who Shiva blessed with a place higher than any deity after he consumed his own body when asked so by Shiva) on top. The sculpture rests on a beautiful, double pedestal of lotus and square.

Nataraja statues are very common these days but ones with correct iconography are hard to find. Irresponsible sculptors tamper with the form and iconography as mentioned in Shilp Shastras (ancient Indian treatise on art of sculpturing) and introduce their own designs and imagination in the name of creativity. This spoils the purity of sculptures, which was preserved meticulously by generations of Chola sculptors.

This statue is free from all such defects.

This large, solid statue of Nataraja is ideal for temples or even lobbies and offices where it should be installed duly keeping in view the sacredness of Shiva’s form.


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