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Vishnu - Venkateshwara Art Print

Product Code: OAP-0000173 Category: S Rajam Painting Prints

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Description: S. Rajam's paintings are a feast for eyes to behold. This gifted Indian painter created...Read more
  • Vishnu
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> All S. Rajam painting-prints are very good resolution.
> If the print is Portrait in orientation then Height is 15.25 inches and Width 12.50 inches and vice-versa if print is Landscape.
> Weight is shown as a negligible value for all prints since shipping is calculated based on dimensions.
> All prints come on a thick high-quality paper, in mat finish.
> In case you need a larger print of this work, you may email us for quote.


S. Rajam's paintings are a feast for eyes to behold. This gifted Indian painter created astounding paintings with a unique color-wash method that enabled color to seep in and set permanently in the grain of the canvas.S. Rajam's paintings look very vibrantly colored therefore.

This is a print of one such original art by S. Rajam. This painting-print is of Lord Venkateshwara, a form of Vishnu. Worshipped as the supreme God and husband of both Sri Devi (Goddess Lakshmi) and Bhu Devi (Goddess Earth) at his temple in Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh of India, Venkateshwara is revered deeply throughout India.

He is shown alone in this painting-print. His two upper arms sport Shankha (conch) and Chakra (disus). One of the two lower hands is in Varada (boon-giving) pose and the other gracefully resting on his thigh.

Wonderful work by S. Rajam as usual.


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