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South Indian Tanjore Painting of Andal with Rangamannar Swami (Sri Ranganatha)

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Description: Tanjore paintings are a very traditional art type of South India. Rich and delicate, th...Read more
  • Vishnu
  • 8.00 Kgs
  • 36.00 inches
  • 30.00 inches
  • 4.50 inches
  • Wood
  • India

-Tanjore Painting is delivered framed.
- Height and Width mentioned in item detail are including the wooden frame.
- Size of the Tanjore painting excluding the frame is 30 x 24 inches.
- The frame is solid teakwood.
- All colours used are natural colours.
- Real 22 carat gold used in the painting.
- Real Semiprecious stones from Jaipur are used.


Tanjore paintings are a very traditional art type of South India. Rich and delicate, these beautiful paintings gilded in gold have since centuries sung the saga of Hindu gods and goddesses, nymphs and sages, demons and beasts from the ocean of the Puranas.

The style of Tanjore paintings is simple line drawings of scenes from Puranic stories painted with vivid colors with overlay of gold foil, precious and semi precious stones or even glass beads on a base of gesso. A well done, fully completed Tanjore painting cannot be anything but awesome.

The format of Tanjore paintings is usually a central icon accompanied by lesser figures or subjects such as servants, devotees, steeds or doorkeepers. The scene is usually enshrined in an intricate prabhavali, mandapam or a floral arch.

This painting of Andal with Rangamannar is a proper Tanjore. It is a traditional theme. It is perfect in format and iconography. And it is of course exquisite.

Andal is one of the Alvars (12 celebrated Vaishnav saints of South India) and the only saint who is the consort of Sri Rangamannar (Vishnu) himself. Andal loved Ranganatha (Vishnu) deeply and when she came of a marriageable age she would marry no one but Ranganatha. After much coaxing and even pleading her father Vishnuchittar gave in to Andal’s wishes. She was carried from Srivilliputhur to Srirangam in a palanquin and there she merged into Ranganatha the presiding deity of the famous Srirangam temple in Tamil Nadu.

Andal is also the presiding deity of one of the temples of the twin temples at Srivilliputhur in Tamil Nadu. The other one is dedicated to Vatapatrashayi, another name of Vishnu. He is also called Rangamannar since he is conceived as Raja Andhra Vishnu who comes carried by Garuda to meet his beloved Andal.

This Tanjore painting depicts that scene. Andal, dressed in a rich attire, holding a lotus flower is seen standing next to Ranganatha. Ranganatha is dressed in royal attire with king's insignia. He holds a royal sceptre in his right hand and his left forearm rests on an arm-rest. He wears a quiver, sports a bow and holds a dagger in his left hand. Blue-hued and wearing rich jewels he indeed looks handsome. Notice how Rangamannar has his hair tied up in a side bun matching Andal’s in an effort to identify with his beloved, much like when Andal used to wear garlands meant for Ranganatha and would gaze at her image in mirror to check how his garland looked on her.

Next to Ranganatha stands Garuda who is supposed to have carried him from Srirangam to Srivilliputhur to his love.

The trio stands on a gold pedestal and within a beautiful prabhavali (arch) decorated with garlands. The top corners of the painting have Shankha and Chakra, the attributes of Vishnu painted on them.

Before the deities are two priests offering service to the deities.

This theme is one of the Tanjore classics. It has been rendered beautifully and faithfully in line with full iconographical details by a skilled, traditional Tanjore painter from Tamil Nadu. The overlaid gold foil is 22 carat pure gold. The gems are Jaipuri semi precious stones. This artwork is an excellent value for money.


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