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Tirupati Vishnu with Sridevi and Bhudevi Tanjore Painting

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Description: Tanjore painting is an important form of traditional South Indian painting that origina...Read more
  • Vishnu
  • 1.00 Kgs
  • 17.00 inches
  • 14.00 inches
  • 1.50 inches
  • Wood
  • India

-Tanjore Painting is delivered framed.
- Height and Width mentioned in item detail are including the wooden frame.
- Size of the Tanjore painting excluding the frame is 14 x 11 inches.
- The frame is solid teakwood.
- All colours used are natural colours.
- Real 22 carat gold used in the painting.
- Real Semiprecious stones from Jaipur are used.


Tanjore painting is an important form of traditional South Indian painting that originated in Thanjavur town in the state of Tamil Nadu. These paintings are known for their elegance, striking and vivid colours, and use of gold foil. Hindu gods and goddesses have generally been the main subjects of Tanjore paintings, as also scenes from Hindu Puranas. Finely done Tanjore paintings are highly sought after.

The process of making a Tanjore painting involves many stages. First, drawing the preliminary sketch of the image on the base, which consists of canvas pasted on a wooden sheet (teak or jackfruit). The canvas is then coated with a compound consisting of powdered limestone or French chalk in a binding medium . Once the drawing is complete it is overlaid with gold foil and semi precious gems. Finally the sketch is painted in bright colours.

This Tanjore of Vishnu as Tirupati along with Sridevi and Bhudevi is traditional painting created as above. It is painted in subtle colours with liberal use of 22-carat gold foil and natural colours. The jewellery of the deities is beautified with semiprecious stones.

Vishnu resides as Tirupati (master of Lakshmi) in the world-famous Venkateshwara temple in Andhra Pradesh state of South India. He is flanked by his consorts Sri Devi and Bhu Devi, both aspects of his eternal consort Mahalakshmi. Vishnu is four-armed holding Shankha and Chakra (conch and disc respectively) in his two upper hands and lower hands posed in Varada (boon granting) and Katyavalambita (hand extending below the hip) poses.


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