Because art is pleasing to behold, adds grace and substance to its surroundings and a good investment avenue.

The reasons and benefits of investing in art are many.

It has a potential to appreciate in value and beauty over a period of time and could well become heirlooms.

Even a modest purchase of a good piece does not go unrewarded when retained long enough. And it never seizes to please whether you just pass by it or hold and admire it as long as you possess it.

However, it is important that you always buy ‘made-art’ and not ‘minted- art’. So a painting is a better deal than a print most of the times.

Since all hand-made art is unique whatever you possess is always one of its kind and that adds to its value cumulatively.

Budget could be a restraint but if you make up your mind to only invest in authentic art and look enough in old art shops and markets you will always be able to find something suitable to your budget.

It will gradually become a hobby and you will soon start developing an eye for art.  Before you know, you will have acquired several beauties to adorn your home or office.